Incredible Salalah Tour Program

Discover the secrets of Oman – a country with distinctive architecture, customs and traditions. During your 4 day extension, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient city of Salalah, which lies on the Arabian Sea in southern Oman.

Salalah Airport
Salalah Airport

Take your loved ones to enjoy family holidays in Oman, where there’s something for everyone. During your trip, you can enjoy a sightseeing tour of Salalah, beginning with a visit to a local fishing village – of ‘Taqah’, which is well known for manufacturing ‘Dried Sardines’ & its traditional & old ‘Dhofari Houses’. ‘Taqah Castle’, the former official residence of the ‘Wali’ (Governor) of the region, famous city of Sumharam (Khor Rohri) are some other attractions that you can enjoy the second day of your travel.

On the way back to western Salalah, you can explore the ‘ever green Wadi Darbat’ for a relaxing stroll along the Wadi bed, surrounded by herds of Camels, Goats & Cattle. Then you can head to ‘Qara’ mountains to explore the western part of Salalah, and then can visit the ancient tomb of ‘Prophet Job’ situated in the scenic green mountains of the Salalah Plains.

Beach of Mughsail, Al Baleed museum of the Frankincense land, Al Balid Archaeological Park, Sultan Residential palace Al Husn, ancient city of Zufar, the ruins of Al Balid, which was visited by Ibn Batuta and Marco Polo are other important attractions you can explore during the travel. One can also go for shopping in the Heritage Souk, filled with exotic and gorgeous arts and crafts, modern and olden style Dhofari ornaments.

Salalah holiday packages are inclusive of the sightseeing, accommodation as well as the travel facilities. So when planning to explore Salalah, make sure to approach the right travel agency in Oman that offers customized travel packages to Oman with a combination of adventure and culture.

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