Fascinating & Fun filled Oman Trip with Family

Recently I along my wife- Maria and child-Stefano was a part of exquisite Oman tour, which felt us amazed and mesmerised by its beauty and culture. The capital of Muscat, Oman is spread out among various hills and valleys as well as has a glorious past, which is believed to be much older than other Arabic countries. This inspired our Italian family to discover Oman with an eminent tour operator in Oman- Smart Oman Tour. With them, we booked Oman tour of seven days itinerary, which proved to be budget-friendly.


Day One: when we landed at the Muscat International Airport. At the general arrival lounge, our family of three was greeted by a friendly and efficient chauffeur from Smart Travel & Tourism. After which we enjoyed a luxurious ride to one of the best Muscat hotel (as per our preference) to spend an overnight.


Day Two: In a beautiful morning of 29th November, we started tour to Amouage Factory, which is a nice luxury fragrance house in Oman. For Stefano, it was an exhilarating experience to enjoy a safe and guided 4wd journey through the mountains.

  • First Stop: Hot springs at Nakhal
  • Second Stop: Spectacular Wadi Bani Auf
  • Third Stop: Quaint mountain village of Bilad Sayt
  • Fourth Stop: Wadi Gul & Wadi Nakhar
  • Last Stop: Great Canyon of Oman- Jabel Shams

Our day two ended with an overnight stay at Jabel Shams Resort.

Day Three:

Wadi Bani Khaled

After having our breakfast, on 30th November morning, we started the tour from Nizwa to pretty village of Bikrat Al Mauz, located at the foot of Jebel Akhdar. With an experienced guide of Smart Oman Tour-Mr. Sulaiman, we wandered along the old streets of abandoned houses made of mud and straw as well as explored pretty village of Birkat Al Mauz and rose, fruit and nut plantations. Our tour guide Mr. Sulaiman was very gentle and provide good information about Oman culture, tradition and history. From him, we came to know that Arabic meaning of Jabel Akhdar is Green Mountain, which is also known as the Sayq Plateau. Then marching ahead we explored hanging gardens at Al Aqur Village as well as witnessed Wadi Bani Habib, which is a charming little abandoned village perched on a wadi. Day three of our Oman tour was a beautiful escape to a fresh and cooler mountain air.

Day Four:

Alila Jabel
Alila Jabel

It was 1st December morning, when we were guided and driven by helpful, courteous & friendly Mr. Sulaiman for visiting the powerful Nizwa Fort, which is one of the most impressive forts in Oman as well as explored a traditional Souq, where my wife had a great time. Later on we visited 17th Century built- Jabrin Castle and witnessed its magnificent plasterwork, carved doors and painted wooden beams of the ceilings. Thereafter our Oman travel; continued to Bahla, one of the oldest small towns in Oman and well known for its pottery, where only a photo stop was planned. We then went on exploring:

  • Ruins of Old Tanuf
  • Oldest villages-Al Hamra and Misfah
  • We ended the day four with an overnight stay at Al Diyar Hotel in Nizwa.

Day Five:

Wahiba Sand
Wahiba Sand

The 2nd December morning, after having our breakfast the tour started from Nizwa towards Sinaw Village market and then proceeded to Munsifa. Thereafter, we took a walk through the remains of old Ibra Village and then marched ahead towards Wahiba Sands along with an expert and friendly guide. At Wahiba Sands, we witnessed a great ocean of sand, which was alluring. For us it was exciting to know that the sands are home to Beduine, nomadic tribesmen. We enjoyed an exhilarating and guided drive across the dunes and enjoyed stunning photo opportunities at sunset amidst spectacular dunes of Wahiba Sands.

It was a great way to end our day five with an overnight stay at Wahiba Sands in Arabian Oryx Camp.

Day Six:

Wahiba Sands

On 3rd December morning, after having breakfast, we left the golden sand dunes behind and headed to visit one of the Bedouin Family. Thereafter, our next stop was Wadi Bani Khalid, which is a beautiful oasis spot in the middle of the barren and dry mountains. I and Stefano enjoyed refreshing dip in one of the pools of Wadi Bani Khalid having clear deep blue water, while Maria loved to watch us having fun without getting wet. We were then driven to fishing town of Sur, which is recently famous for Omani Dhows. The guide informed us that Dhow building in Sur dates back centuries and is closely linked with maritime heritage of Oman. We had an early dinner to visit the turtle sanctuary at Ras Al Jinz to watch Green Turtles, which offered a blessed feeling.

Our day six ended with an overnight stay at a hotel in Ras Al Hadd.

Day Seven:

Jabel Akhdar
Jabel Akhdar

Our last morning of 4th December, started after having the breakfast to visit the ruins of Bibi Miriam’s Tomb in village of Qalhat on coastal road of Muscat. We then entered Wadi Tiwi, which was stunning with its blue-green pools of water surrounded by palm trees. It was a great experience while enjoying a walk through the Wadi Shab- wadi between the cliffs as well as loved to take a refreshing swim in one of the pools. The wadi path is dotted with pools, waterfalls, green plantations of lemon, banana and dates. Our travel included some vibrant destinations like:

  • Bimah Sinkhole- spectacular limestone crater with blue green water
  • Fin Beach
  • Wadi Arbayeen-has refreshing deep pools of water set among date [alms
  • Hail Al Ghaf- Famous for mango plantations.

Then we were driven to Muscat via Quriyat, where tour itinerary ended with an overnight stay at Muscat Hotel (as per our preference). This marked a wonderful Oman tour with my family.


Our Oman vacation trip was a wonderful experience, which was more enhanced with professionalism and expert guidance of Smart Oman Tour team. They helped us in every step of Oman travel that helped in having maximum fun and enjoyment. With their multilingual guides, it was convenient and stress free Oman tour for our Italian family. I am looking forward to explore Oman again with friends soon and will love to be guided by team of Smart Oman Tour.

Note: Guided Oman tour and travel with family or friends will prove to an exciting and memorable trip.


This article is written by an Italian travel enthusiast- Pasquarelli Gualtiero. He loves to explore unique destinations, culture and traditions as well as write-up the travel experience in form of several blog and articles. In this article he has penned down a great vacation experience with family on an exhilarating Oman tour.

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