After breakfast leave the camp to Qahid crossing wahiba sands driving bobbing off the dunes. It takes 4 hours to cross the desert.

Reach Qahid and continue drive to Shannah, the way is flanked by one side the azure of Arabian sea and on the other side tapestry of desert dunes.

After lunch, take your ferry to the Island. It takes an hour and half to reach Masirah Island.

Masirah (65 KMs long and between 08 to 17 KM wide), is located 15 KM off the southeast coast of Oman in the Arabian Peninsula with miles of isolated sandy beaches. The island is famous for wind surfing and known for aquatic visitors such as the turtles that come to lay their eggs on its stretch of beaches and a number of migratory birds some of exotic being the egrets, curlews and the greater flamingos.

Note: Ferry will be subject to weather condition, ebb tide/high tide.

Reach Masirah before sunset

Dinner and Overnight at Masirah Island Resort.

Masirah Island Resort is situated on the borders of the breeding grounds of the Turtles, make it a perfect destination for nature lovers. Also for travelers with an edge for edge for adventure with umpteen nautical sports to choose from.

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