You drive further to Wadi Arbaeen, en route you see lush village surrounded with dates, lemon, mango plantations. You will have photo stop at each place. You finally will reach Wadi Arbaeen – an oasis spot in the middle of the barren and dry mountains. It is one of the most beautiful wadis and its pools with clear deep blue water give you an opportunity to take a refreshing dip. On the coastal road you stop at the limestone Sinkhole in Bimah and then continue to Fins. You will then stop at Wadi Shab which means a “wadi between the cliffs”, enjoy a walk through the wadi, walking shoes are strongly recommended. Going up the wadi you will soon see pools appearing before you and you may

also enjoy a refreshing swim in those pools. Early we will arrive to Ras al Hadd to relax on beach and dinner around 6:30 pm and proceed for watching turtles in Ras al jinz.

The turtles come to lay their eggs at night and this experience is a memorable one.